These General Terms and Conditions apply to all cleaning and finishing services that The Canvas Cleaning Company provides to its clients, insofar as there is nothing else compulsorily required by law or agreed upon in writing by the parties in individual cases.

Offers: All Canvas Cleaning Company offers are non-binding, as long as not expressly indicated otherwise. In this case, the offer is binding for 30 days from the date the offer is made. Additional special orders, such as pick-up and delivery of the contract goods, refusing the contract goods, sewing, altering, mending, and storing contract goods are negotiated and billed separately.

Order confirmation: The agreement comes into effect with the client’s written order confirm action, after the client has been sent a written proposal by The Canvas Cleaning Company.

Changes to the agreement: Subsequent changes to the agreement are only valid in writing. If, during the fulfilment of the order, it becomes clear that the offered services do not correspond to actual conditions (e.g. State of materials, volume, materials), The Canvas Cleaning Company will immediately inform the client of this fact and is authorised to bill any additional charges arising from such an occurrence.

Execution of cleaning and finishing: The Canvas Cleaning Company pledges to carry out the order professionally and carefully, taking care of the materials and using tested products and the additives of leading manufacturers.

Adherence to the contract: The client shall make ready for collection the contract goods to be processed by the agreed-upon date, allowing The Canvas Cleaning Company to begin the order as agreed and without delay. In case of force majeure, the order will be delayed as long as the force majeure situation makes it impossible to adhere to the Canvas Cleaning Companies agreement. In these General Terms and Conditions, force majeure is understood to be all outside or unforeseen events that are not under the control of The Canvas Cleaning Company and which prevent The Canvas Cleaning Company from performing its contractual duties. If, during professional testing of object of the contract, or during the course of the cleaning and finishing, it becomes clear that the order cannot be carried out properly or only with an increased risk, The Canvas Cleaning Company reserves the right to discontinue carrying out the order, unless the client instructs The Canvas Cleaning Company in writing to continue with the process at the client’s own risk.

Pricing: If nothing else is agreed upon in writing, the valid prices of the current price list apply. The offered prices indicated in the proposal include the VAT rates applicable at the time the proposal is drafted. If the Canvas Cleaning Company is delayed in fulfilling the contract or has difficulty fulfilling the contract due to circumstances for which the client is responsible, The Canvas Cleaning Company is authorised to bill the client for any additional cost incurred by The Canvas Cleaning Company. Additional claims reserved.

Payment: The client will be invoiced upon completion of the work, and delivery/collection will be paid upon receipt of payment. In case of a payment delay, default charges of 7.5% pa shall be due from the client. The Canvas Cleaning Company reserves the right to withhold the contract goods until payment has been made in full.

Contract goods, defects, liability and compensation for damages: The Canvas Cleaning Company is not responsible for defects present in delivered contract goods. The Canvas Cleaning Company is especially also not liable for damages (seams, windows, material wear and tear, weak points as well as insufficient cloth strength, prints, labels or material designs, previous unprofessional processing and hidden defects) that could not be recognised by a simple viewing of the goods. The Canvas Cleaning Company is not responsible for differences in colour resulting in any way from cleaning and finishing the contract goods. Furthermore, stickers, printed designs or sewn on metal fittings such as shackles or similar may come loose during The Canvas Cleaning Company’s cleaning and finishing process, for which The Canvas Cleaning Company is not liable. The same applies to vinyl windows, which may lose their transparency through UV rays and m moisture due to their lack of UV resistance. If the material is especially grimy or weathered, it may become damaged (loose seams and prints, as well as coating, shrinkage and discoloration). Should The Canvas Cleaning Company cause damage to the contract goods during processing despite taking extreme care, the client must submit its list of obvious defects to The Canvas Cleaning Company within a maximum of 5 days after the contract goods are returned or for hidden damages as soon as they are discovered. The client loses its claims stemming from the defect warranty of the cleaning and finishing contract after this notice period expires. Initially, the client has a claim to the correction by The Canvas Cleaning Company of any damages caused by The Canvas Cleaning Company. If the improvements do not correct the defect; the clients may demand a price reduction. The Canvas Cleaning Company is liable for deliberate breaches of its duties, or for breaches caused by gross negligence. For breaches caused by negligence, the liability is limited to a maximum of three times the value of the contract for the corresponding order, insofar as no other legal regulation has priority. The Canvas Cleaning Company is liable for the loss of contract goods in the unlimited amount of the present value of the contract goods. In case of dispute over damage claims, an independent expert or lab will be assigned to investigate. Shipping and investigative costs shall be billed to the client. If the investigation shows that The Canvas Cleaning Company processed the article incorrectly; the client will be reimbursed for the above-mentioned costs.

General: If any individual conditions of these General Terms and Conditions become ineffective, this shall not affect the legality of the remaining conditions. This contract is exclusively subject to the laws of the fulfilment location. The official courts of the fulfilment location are exclusively responsible for any disputes resulting from this contract.