It’s the burning question at this time of year for back-garden campers and event companies alike! Just how DO you clean a mouldy, muddy canvas tent that has been up all season?

A quick Google search will bring up a whole host of answers – dubious sounding ‘try this at home’ treatments such as vinegar, clove oil and even Bleach (nooooo!) and words such as ‘patience,’ ‘elbow grease’ and ‘soaking in your bath’ (erm, no thank you).

And once you’ve cleaned it, how on earth do you re-waterproof it? And then dry it? Aargh this is all sounding like quite a lot of hard work!

Now multiply that by your 5, or 10, or 50 Bell Tents – before you know it, next summer will have come and gone!

This blog will show there IS a better way. Read on Happy Campers, read on…

Why Do Bell Tents Go Mouldy?

We’ve all been there at one time or another – packing down our beloved tent in the typical British drizzle, convinced we will dry it properly once home. But in between unpacking the kids, dog and the kitchen sink and doing eleventy billion loads of laundry (how DO kids get through so many clothes? Another blog perhaps…), your poor tent ends up in a damp pile banished to the garage and there it stays, slowly festering away.

Or, like many thousands of other people during these strange lockdown times, you’ve had your tent up all season – far longer than perhaps your normally would have – as a perfect socially distanced space. It’s slept in for a few nights, then zipped up for a week – and repeat. But this is trapping all of our delightful human ‘moisture’ inside which, you guessed it, leads to mould and mildew growth – those irritating little black spots that seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Mould is a naturally occurring organism that thrives in damp, humid conditions and it can form in as little as 24 hours. It’s absolutely vital to tackle the problem as soon as you can to prevent further growth. In some of the worst cases we have seen, the mould essentially ‘eats’ away at the canvas fibres meaning your tent ends up resembling a piece of Swiss cheese. Not pretty.

What’s the Solution?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could send your tent away in it’s grubby state, and have it sent back looking good as new, fully waterproof and repaired, and bone dry ready to pack away for the Winter?

That’s where The Canvas Cleaning Company can help! We are a commercial canvas laundry specialising in cleaning, waterproofing and repairing canvas structures, all types of bell tents and canvas awnings.

We have developed a tried and tested system with a global laundry expert, bringing together cutting-edge technology and specially formulated products that give outstanding results.

Our waterproofing agent gives unbeatable protection and our state-of-the-art machines have individually designed programmes to get the very best results for each and every item.

Bell Tent Cleaning:
A complex mix of chemicals and machine programmes that can remove mould, mildew, grass stains, mud and many other unmentionables.

Bell Tent Waterproofing:
A chemical agent that gives full waterproof protection without hindering breathability.

Bell Tent Repair:
A highly experienced Seamstress who can carry out all types of repair, from the smallest tear, to whole panel replacements.

Are You Sure it Works?!

In a word – YES! As the largest supplier of Lotus Belle’s in the UK, we perfected the system on our very own tents.

But don’t just take our word for it. We are recommended by Europe’s leading bell tent manufacturers including Lotus Belle, Bell Tent UK, Canvas Tent Shop, Bell Tent Boutique and Love Canvas.

Please Save My Tent!

Challenge accepted! Contact us now and leave the hard work to us!