Customers often ask us how they can prolong the life of their Bell Tent – after all, they are a significant investment – and if cared for properly, should last for many years!

Check out our Top 5 Tips to look after your canvas!

  1. Avoid where possible pitching under trees – sap, foliage and bird poo can really damage the canvas and lead to permanent staining. Tree shade can also mean your tent doesn’t get the opportunity to fully dry out which can lead to mould and mildew forming.
  2. Ventilate, ventilate, ventilate! Always make sure you air your tent out every couple of days, and especially after use. We’ve seen a huge increase this year in tents coming in with mildew forming inside because the tent has been shut after guests leave, and left for several days. This creates the perfect environment for mildew spores to breed.
  3. Invest in a rain cover. In our experience, this is not so much to protect from rain, but more to help the roof withstand the affect of UV rays which will deteriorate canvas. It can also help if you do have to pitch under trees. Have a look here and here for some great examples.
  4. Never, ever pack your tent away wet, or even slightly damp. Mildew can start to grow in as little as two days and will significantly weaken the canvas fibres, leading to holes, tears and potentially permanent staining.
  5. Schedule in an annual wash and waterproof with The Canvas Cleaning Company at the end of the season. Our process will remove mould and mildew and prevent further growth, re-waterproof the canvas and completely dry the tent so it can be safely packed away for the winter. Mould and mildew that are several seasons old is almost impossible to remove, which is why we recommend annual maintenance.

We hope you found this helpful! Please do not hesitate to contact us for further advice. Thanks for reading!